The War Is Over! A Situationist-Agit Prop Rally and March

New York City 1968(?)

Well, I'm not exactly sure it was '68. It could have been Spring of 67. My notes are not that convincing. However, a search thru various archives shows that there were many such "The War Is Over" marches all over the world in 1968, even tho the Vietnam war was still very much going on.

The Rally started in Washington Square and went up 5th Avenue, then Broadway(?), to 42nd street where it was supposed to turn east towards the UN. I don't recall going all the way, just up to 42nd.

At the rally I found Phil Ochs, Paul Krassner, and Abbie Hoffman. Also General Hersheybar. Apparently he was declaring the war over.

The march was totally unsanctioned and caught the police and onlookers by surprise.

The rally starts in Washington Square

Washington Square Arch draped with a Vietcong Flag

General Hersheybar Declares the War is Over

In the crowd -- Phil Ochs

-- Abbie Hoffman

-- Paul Krassner

Starting up 5th Avenue

Going up 5th Ave

Meeting the NYPD on horseback


Police protecting the city from destruction

Confused citizens

What is going on? (6th Ave and 34th St?)

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