Small Press Distribution and Oliver Gilliland

For many years, until he became ill, Oliver was an active member of the Board of Directors of SPD.

SPD is the only wholesaler in the country dedicated exclusively to independently published literature.
SPD takes risks on exciting new writers, enabling their work to develop an audience and gain recognition in the marketplace.

Oliver asked that donations be made in his name to SPD to help support its mission.

The easiest way to do this is to send a check to

Small Press Distribution
1341 7th St, Berkeley, CA 94710-1409

And please mark the check "In Memory of Oliver Gilliland"

Why is SPD important?
SPD exists to promote community-centered literature in a world increasingly dominated by a corporate sensibility.
Without SPD, the spectrum of books available to the public would be severely affected.
How is SPD different?
The SPD Bestseller List looks like no other bestseller list in the country. Currently our top twenty titles include books by
African American, Latino, Asian American, gay, lesbian, and Native American writers.
In the top 25, all the writers are living, and half of the titles are poetry.
No other book distributor or wholesaler of books in the U.S. can make such a claim.

Another way to support the activities of SPD is to become an ongoing
Friend of SPD
and get discounts on SPD books
To become a Friend of SPD go to the SPD website and
click on " Get Involved" link at the bottom of the page.
Or call 510.524.1668
800.869.7553 (Toll-free within the US)