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•Making Slow Progress - Status Report
•Ok, I Lied
•Please Stand By
•Remembering Jim Tenney (1934-2006)
•Nora's Palestine Photo Book
•Fog Returns!
•Cody's Telegraph Ave Store Closes!
•See This Movie!
•Han Reiziger 1934-2006
•Walking Thru Paris With Leonard
•Composers with Del Sol
•Kinky Makes The Ballot in Texas
•That Horse
•As If Earthquakes Weren't Enough To Worry About
•A Sunny Day, Finally!
•Where Did All The Sunspots Go?
•150 Images
•Other Minds has a Visitor
•Igor's Disk is Dead!
•Year's Pick of Four
•Trekking to Seattle - Taking a Break
•JL - Dec 8, 1980 - RIP
•100 Images!
•Statement Against The Continuation Of The War - July 1917
•A New Music Séance
•Long Lost Cage Interview FOUND!
•Hear Some Xenakis
•Off To Seattle
•Mathematics and Music - My $.02
•Royals Visit Point Reyes
•Raw Fresh Music
•Ligeti Etudes This Weekend!
•Chocolate Box!
•Sorry, I've Been Busy
•The Picture They Didn't Use
•76 Images on Photo Blog
•What if you gave a concert ....
•61 Images, Still Going Strong
•Oh, to be in London this Weekend!
•Andy Takes On the Iraq War
•Chocolate Box -- Almost Done!
•50 Images on Photo Blog
•Other Minds 2005-2006 Season
•League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots -- LEMUR
•Blitzstein in Berkeley
•UBU WEB is Back!
•More Seen
•My Thoughts Exactly
•All I've Seen
•Once Again, Hams to the Rescue!
•Air America's Coverage of the Gulf Disaster
•Katrina: PBS Reported it in 2002
•Back from Seattle
•So I Started A Photo Blog : All I've Seen
•Luc Ferrari -- 5 Feb 1929 - 22 August 2005 R.I.P.
•Robert Moog (5/23/1934 - 8/21/2005) RIP
•Mills Concert Series Announced
•Mother's Vigil in Berkeley
•A Very Brief Vacation
•I Go To Yet Another Avant-Garde Concert
•2005 SF Electronic Music Festival
•Arnold Schönberg Web Radio
•Bob Moog
•Last Night's Preview of Chocolate Box
•Comments Still Disabled
•Kyle Gann Interview
•Wikis, Collaborative Content, and Common Knowledge
•The Cathy Berberian Interview
•Planetary Alignment and a Quiet Sun
•Making Music for Chocolate
•Working on Music Again!
•Boulez at 80 - Friday 11pm KALW
•Blogging - The Early Years
•The UN-Cyclopedia!
•Friends Don't Let Friends Go To Starbucks
•The Necks
•SF Chronicle Article About Nora's Work In Palestine
•Wourinen: Symphony Seven
•1984 - The Opera
•What A Beautiful Day!
•Bill Moyers' Speech
•#22 Done!
•6800 Miles!
•Morton Feldman
•Pt. Reyes!
•The Independents
•Apropos, Courant Institute, 1965
•Forty Years Ago... is a long time
•The Grand-Twins are 4 Months Old.
•Out Sick
•Nora in Palestine
•Thursday's Other Minds, Reviewed
•Other Minds Festival!
•My Desk
•Other Minds Wins Award!
•My Photos on TV! 15 Seconds of Fame Dept.
•More Radio
•Winter Music
•No Comment(s)
•Buy Blue?
•Geomagnetic Storms Headed Our Way
•Other Minds 11 Program
•61 and in L.A.
•Music from Other Minds WEBSITE!
•This Is Really Longhair, and the Violin Is Cool
•The Ends of the World as We Know Them
•FILE Photo Magazine
•Poetry/Arts in San Francisco: 1954-2004
•MfOM #1
•Michael Nyman
•Other Minds Preservation Project
•Online Magazines
•Rainy Day
•Cage and Feldman Conversation
•Music Meets the Computer
•Morton Feldman
•Premier Success!
•Threads Tonight!
•Dress Rehearsal
•A Plea, from 52 years ago
•Bush vs Kerry: A Usability Issue?
•In Rehearsal
•17 Reasons Not to Slit Your Michael Moore
•What "Mandate"?
•What Now?!
•The NEW North America
•Day After Election Day
•Election Day, 2004
•The Economist Endorses Kerry
•Local Winemakers Made Famous!
•Gore Vidal
•Whose Reality Is It, Really?
•Sea Ranch!
•Deep Depression!
•The Failed Presidency of George W. Bush
•The Agony, Agony, Agony
•Compromise, Hell! - Wendell Berry
•Other Minds 11 in February
•Solar Minimum Coming! It's About Time, Too!
•Who Serves?
•Composing Music is Like Programming
•Yankee Fan
•Fire Season
•In a Parallel Universe
•Threads: Progress
•The Republican Message
•Richard Friedman - The Early Years
•California Stem Cell Research Initiative
•Stem Cell Research and Not Going Blind
•Bloggage at Work
•Earthquakes Happen
•More Music for Threads
•Composing Music
•Joys of a Grandfather
•Sins of the Grandfather...?
•September 11, Three Years Later
•We’re Not in Lake Wobegon Anymore - Garrison Keillor
•Very Unusual Radio
•Vacation Slides Arrived!
•Katchor on Jet Lag
•World's in Chaos - So Make Wine!
•Working with Suede
•Suede is Here!
•Waiting for the Photos
•Back From Vacation!
•Ron Reagan on George Bush: What he didn't say at the convention.
•Going on Vacation!
•John Kerry's Speech
•Purple Haze
•Salt Flats
•The Onion
•Julius Knipl in Japanese?
•Zowie! Igor the Music Server is ONLINE
•Ben Katchor - Picture Stories
•IE and National Security
•Longest Concert
•Clinton In Berkeley
•Fahrenheit 9/11
•Resonance FM (London)
•Space Weather
•Clinton at Cody's
•New Blog
•Internet Radio Stations of Interest